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Three full-day practical training sessions for beekeepers who have passed the Basic Assessment, have at least three years’ beekeeping experience and wish to achieve a higher level  of skill and knowledge in the main areas of practical beekeeping.

The course will cover safe and effective manipulation of a colony, finding the queen, clipping and marking, moving hives, uniting colonies, making up nucleus colonies, comb change methods, diseases and their signs, diagnoses and treatments, swarm prevention and control, swarm collection, dealing with aggressive colonies, stings and first aid, local forage, timing, readying the colony, lifecycle, behaviour and managing a colony throughout the year

Note: Queen rearing will not be covered as that requires a course in itself.

At least half the time, weather permitting, the participants will be actively working with bees. This course is entirely practical, does not necessitate any writing and is not intended to lead to an examination. It does, however, require a certain amount of experience and knowledge of beekeeping, a modicum of confidence in handling bees, and a will to improve still further. Participants should have an interest in testing their beekeeping methods, learning about alternatives and sharing expertise and knowledge.

Tutors: Pete Sutcliffe, Graham Royle, Pam Hatton and others.

Cost £35

Dates:  Sunday June 16th, Sunday June 30th, and Saturday July 27th 2019.

Please note that the course is cumulative, so you should attend all three days.

Venues: South Cheshire Branch Apiary and Hatton Lodge Apiary.

For further details please contact Pete Sutcliffe – email: or telephone: 01477 532171

Bee Husbandry Course

Bee Husbandry Course 2019