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The Branch Annual Honey Show will again be our first indoor meeting of the autumn on Thursday 15th September.

The Show Schedule will be available to download here when available.

Hopefully you have enough honey and wax from this year’s crop to prepare an entry to support the show.  If showing does nothing else, it helps to remind us of the standards we should aspire to when selling honey to the public.  I would particularly urge our novices to ‘have a go’, as there are classes specifically for you.  A novice is anyone who has kept bees for five years or less and who has not previously won at a show.

It would help speed up proceedings on the night if you would send your entry slips to me a few days before the show.  Last year I only had a couple of entries to process on the night.  Many thanks to all.

Entries must be staged by 7.15pm for judging to commence at 7.30pm.

If you have any queries about the show rules, or wish to ask advice on preparing your exhibits, please contact me: Graham Platt, tel: 07767 826366.  

All jar classes should be in 454g (1lb) screw top honey jars without any identifying labels other than the entry label, except the ten jar class.

Even if showing is not your thing, please don’t forget that the show is run alongside our normal social meeting!

Graham Platt

Branch Honey Show 2022

Branch Honey Show 2022

Thursday 15th September 2022, 7.30pm

Frodsham Community Centre, Fluin Lane, Frodsham Cheshire WA6 7QN