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Do you think you have a Swarm?


Petition: Review honey authenticity and current regulation of the honey market


Small Hive Beetle


Serious Risk Of SHB Being Imported


Asian Hornet , Quiz


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ASIAN HORNET Vespa velutina

An invasive non-native hornet originally from Asia. A highly aggressive predator of native insects, posing a significant threat to honey bees and other pollinators. Accidentally introduced to France in 2004 where it spread rapidly. In 2016 the first UK sighting was confirmed in Gloucestershire.  Confirmed sightings have since occurred elsewhere.

Non-Native Species Secretariat, (email:, should be notified of sightings.

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Next Branch Meeting : CANCELLED

The meeting due to be held on Thursday

28th July, 7.00pm at Mark Phillipson’s

Apiary has been CANCELLED due to Covid.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Other dates for your diary:

Wednesday 17th August 2022, 7.30pm

New Starters Evening

Do you want to keep bees but not know what’s involved?

Sunday 4th September 2022, 9.30am - 4.30pm

Anatomy Workshop For Beekeepers

A one day course to explore honeybee anatomy.

Frodsham Community Centre, Fluin Lane, Frodsham, WA6 7QN

£20 per person. Booking essential.

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