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It is not the intention of this website to provide a ‘knowledge bank’. Lots of other websites provide this function and there seems little point in re-inventing the wheel.

Useful links are specified below to provide authoritative advice and information on beekeeping topics and issues.

BeeBase: National Bee Unit (Animal and Plant Health Agency)

BIBBA (Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders' Association)

British Beekeepers’ Association (BBKA)

David A. Cushman’s Beekeeping Website



Local Beekeeping Supplies

CBKA, Membership & Branches

Hatton Lodge Apiary (Thorne’s Agent)

2 Hatton Lodge Cottages, Warrington Road, Hatton, Warrington, WA4 5NZ

Tel: 01925 263023   Mob: 07778 592835

Mark Phillipson (Maisemore Agent)

1 Halton Station Road, Sutton Weaver, Runcorn, WA7 3EL

Tel: 01928 713065   Mob: 07804 796435

Cheshire Beekeepers’ Association

Cheshire Beekeepers’ Association Membership Form

Cheshire Beekeepers’ Association Privacy Policy

Mid-Cheshire Branch

South Cheshire Branch

Stockport Branch

Wirral Branch

Bee Disease Officers

Regional Bee Inspector for Northern England:

Mark McLoughlin, Tel: 07500 891425


Seasonal Bee Inspectors for Northern England:

Caroline Coughlin, Tel:


Julia Hoggard, Tel: 07900 394303


Brian Murphy, Tel:


John Zamorski, Tel: 07775 119446


The officers above are Bee Inspectors and they should be contacted if there are any doubts about the brood condition in any of your colonies.

Remember that this is a free service provided by the National Bee Unit.

Please ensure you have Bee Disease Insurance (BDI) to cover all your colonies.