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Is beekeeping for you?  May we help you make an informed decision about the part you could play in sustaining our bee population?

North Cheshire Beekeepers are holding an evening get together to give you an overview of the essentials of beekeeping and help you make this important decision. Our team of established beekeepers, who act as trainers or mentors, will be present to answer your questions.  You will also meet members who have recently completed their initial training or who have had bees for a year or so.  You will probably find their perspectives on the value of training and the commitment involved particularly helpful.

The New Starters Evening be held on Thursday, 15th August 2024 at the Frodsham Community Centre, Fluin Lane, Frodsham, WA6 7QN.  

Please register your interest in the event HERE.


Welcome by Chairman

10 minute film on bees

Short presentations on:

- safety and equipment essentials

- siting your apiary

- investing in beekeeping – time, training & equipment

Meet and question the beekeepers, new starters and trainers

Tea/coffee and biscuits will be provided. We expect the get together to finish at about 9.30pm.

Should you be unable to attend this event, there are other opportunities for you to come to one of our other regular monthly meetings.   

If you are intending to come to the North Cheshire Beekeepers New Starters Evening please contact Maria Heywood (North Cheshire Training Coordinator). Friends and family are welcome too.  

If you  are unable to attend the New Starters Evening but wish to register your interest in our 2024 training programme please send your name, address, phone number and e-mail on the contact form, stating what beekeeping experience, if any, you have had.

New Starters Evening

To Bee or not to Bee