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This study group will be led by Pete Sutcliffe and will probably take place in Holmes Chapel starting Monday 28th October at 7.30pm and meeting at roughly fortnightly intervals. Both time and venue of meetings may change and will be chosen to suit those attending.

The group will be looking at:

 Current UK statutory regulations effecting honey for sale

 Methods of uncapping honey, extractors, preparation and bottling of honey for sale and storage

 Moisture content and spoilage of honey

 Preparation of beeswax

 Bee products

 Major nectar and pollen producing plants and flowering periods

 Pollination and fertilisation

 Extra-floral nectaries

 Composition of nectar

 Factors affecting nectar secretion

 Honeydew Honey

 Process of converting nectar to honey

 Analysis of pollen content of honey

For further details, contact Pete Sutcliffe at or telephone 01477 532171.

Study Group Module 2 - Honey Bee Products & Forage

Study Group Module 2

Honey Bee Products & Forage