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This study group will be led by Pam & Stuart Hatton and will be held via Zoom on the following Mondays, starting at 7.30 p.m. October 30th, November 13th & 27th, December 11th, January 8th & 22nd, February 5th & 19th, and March 4th.

The group will be looking at:

 Current UK statutory regulations effecting honey for sale

 Methods of uncapping honey, extractors, preparation and bottling of honey for sale and storage

 Moisture content and spoilage of honey

 Preparation of beeswax

 Bee products

 Major nectar and pollen producing plants and flowering periods

 Pollination and fertilisation

 Extra-floral nectaries

 Composition of nectar

 Factors affecting nectar secretion

 Honeydew Honey

 Process of converting nectar to honey

 Analysis of pollen content of honey

For further details, contact Pam & Stuart  at or telephone 01925 263023.

Study Group Module 2 - Honey Bee Products & Forage

Study Group Module 2

Honey Bee Products & Forage