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This Study Group will be led by Pam and Stuart Hatton starting Thursday 31st  October 2019 at 7.30pm. and meeting roughly fortnightly from then. Venue will be either Frodsham Community Centre or Hatton Lodge Cottages, depending on numbers. A charge of £15 will be made to cover room hire and refreshments.

This course will cover –

 The various diseases of honeybee brood and adults, their signs and diagnosis

 Treatments available, their methods of use and efficacy

 Methods of treatment and control of Varroa, including Integrated Pest  Management.

 Viruses affecting honeybees.

 Signs of poisoning in honeybees and action to be taken.

 The steps that can and should be taken by a beekeeper to prevent disease  and its spread

 Knowledge of legally notifiable diseases and pests

 Legislation regarding the importation of honeybees

 The biology of the honeybee with relation to disease

 Damage caused to colonies and equipment by mice, woodpeckers and other  pests, including wax moth, and how to prevent this.

For further details please contact Pam or Stuart at, or, or telephone 01925 263023

Study Group Module 3 - Honey Bee Diseases

Study Group Module 3

Honey Bee Diseases